Finding Fulfillment in the Routine of Life
March 7, 2023, 1:59 PM

All of us want to experience a sense of fulfillment in life. All of us want to enjoy life and feel a sense of accomplishment and meaning. I suppose we tend to think this way as we grow older. When we are young, we just assume that our lives will accomplish great things. We dream great dreams and fully expect that one day we will reach them. And we do accomplish many things, some we set out to accomplish and some we do not.

One of the problems that we all face in our search for meaning is the problem of just how routine life is. Indeed, life is defined by the routine. Often we are tempted to think that we are not accomplishing anything significant in this routine life of ours. Sometimes we even devalue the ordinary things we do. But we should not.

Everything we do has significance. Meaning and fulfillment in life do not come from doing the big things. Life is lived in the small things and in the routine things. We’ll enjoy our lives more if we put the process of living in proper perspective. Paul tells us in I Cor. 10:31, “Whether ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”  We are not called to accomplish great things for the glory of God; we are called to live daily for the glory of God. We do not glorify God in the extraordinary things we do; we glorify God in the routine things that we do. Indeed, in everything that we do, we should seek to glorify God.

When the glory of God becomes the focus of our lives, our lives take on true meaning and significance. This is our reason for living. This brings purpose and fulfillment to the routine of life.